I live in Brisbane, Australia, and have been exhibiting my work for more than 15 years though have been painting and drawing my entire life. These days, I am a dedicated oil-on-canvas realism painter with a passion for photography that began thirty years ago in the darkroom of the Canberra School of Art.

For the last 25 years I have lived and worked in Asia (Nepal, Laos, Thailand, Singapore) so it is not surprising that much of my art during this time celebrated the colour and diversity of both the people in these places and their vibrant rustic environments.  In many ways my painting has evolved through my photography, and in turn I take my photos with a painter’s eye. Both art forms have become an important and interchangeable way of understanding and interpreting my interior world, and the world around me.

I love all kinds of art, but have a special affinity for realism in all its forms. I have always been drawn to, and fascinated by, drawings and paintings that can transform a flat surface into something that looks real and three dimensional. For me there is a kind of magic in that, a dazzling conjuring trick of sorts. I think Edgar Degas said it best: “A picture is something which requires as much knavery, trickery, and deceit as the perpetration of a crime.” I love the technical skill, precision and control that is required, the focus on detail, and the challenge of capturing the light.